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AYB Stay Safe COVID-19 Guidelines

  1. Follow CDC Guidelines

    1. Stay Home if Sick or Feel Sick

    2. If contact traced at school follow same protocols for AYB

    3. Temperature Checks when entering the gym

  2. Drop Off and Pick Up

    1. If parents come into the gym to drop off or pick up they must wear a mask

    2. Please try to wait on patio or in car for pick up

  3. Hand Sanitizer

    1. Will clean hands with hand sanitizer when they enter the gym and after every water break

  4. Parents

    1. Need to wear a mask when you come into the gym

  5. Player Masks

    1. We highly recommend players wear masks into the gym and while playing

AYB Boys and Girls Club Info

Spring Season Starts March 15th

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    Contact Us

    Arcadia Youth Basketball

    Phone: 602-561-8531

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